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About Groundup

Established in 2018, Ground Up Business Solutions believes that you should focus on your core business and leave your operations to our community of professional services providers. Come and visit one of our sites to see how we can help.

Our Services

What We Bring To The Table

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Providing you with unique spaces and services so you can focus on growing your business. Let us work with you and your team to setup a home for your organization


Providing you with the necessary guidance to help you setup and manage your own co-working location.  Let us share our invaluable experience with you.

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Always on the lookout for business opportunities.  We partner with start up organizations to help grow their business.

Our Spaces

Everything You Need


Coworking Desks

Focused & Modern

At Ground Up Business Solutions, our custom workspace options can be adapted to all your professional needs. This is a great option for freelancers and startups with flexible schedules that are looking for an affordable space to work in. Not to mention our Coworking Desks come with high-speed internet, printing services and more.

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Private Office Spaces

Full Access

Our Private Office Spaces are great options if you’re looking for consistency and quality with a workspace. Our Coworking Space provides secure access so you can rest assured that you have a safe and comfortable environment to be productive. Enjoy the vibe of a traditional office with the benefits of all our amenities and community events.


Meeting Rooms

For All Your Needs

Entrepreneurship is in the air at Ground Up Business Solutions, and our Meeting Rooms make the perfect places for this vibe to rub off on you. As with all of our workspaces, this option comes with our full range of benefits and facility amenities. Join our energetic and vibrant community and find a home for you and your business.


Event Spaces

Life Long Learning

Every organization needs to adopt a culture of life long learning through seminars, workshops, and trainings.  Providing a space that helps to foster this culture can be difficult. We provide professional and spacious facilities that allows you to educate your people in a relaxed environment.


Business Services

Professional Delivery

Many companies struggle to deliver critical back end processes like accounting, human resources, marketing, legal, etc.  Managing the cost to deliver these services can affect your cash flow.  Let our network of service partners help you deliver on these services in the most.

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